Annual Fund Campaign

 Join the Expedition Team Today and make your annual fund gift to your hometown hospital.

Climbing toward a healthy future requires careful planning...forward thinking...and responding to real people facing life-changing situations. YVMC has developed the list below to support our community's most vital healthcare needs. Your "Greatest Need" gift will be thoughtfully allocated to keep all services strong and healthy.


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 14 Greatest Needs:
The following are examples of the greatest needs of YVMC in the coming year.

Cancer ~ Individual caring staff helping each patient to navigate and receive the best cancer care possible.
Cardiology ~ Expanding life-saving diagnostic abilities.
Cardio/Pulmonary Services ~ Achieving and maintaining an active lifestyle.
EHR Electronic Health Records ~ Management of health information for continuity of care.
Emergency Care ~ Serving you and your family 365 days 24 hours a day!
Employee Education ~ Skilled professionals providing world class care.
Joint Replacement ~ Creation of patient focused center of care for new mobility.
Laboratory ~ Expert analyzing and processing patient information for a precise and timely diagnosis.
Pediatrics ~ Expanding scope of services to include advanced equipment and child friendly environment.
Patient Safety ~ Our mission, Our Promise.
Radiology ~ Expert imaging team providing state-of-the art results.
Rehab ~ Healing body and spirit.
Surgical Services ~ Integration and centralization of patient information for surgical team.
Wellness ~ Empowering our community to stay healthy through ongoing education and low cost services.

 Did you Know? YVMC helped patients with $3.7 million in charity care in 2009.