Family Birth Place

YVMC's 2014 New Year's baby:
Anthony and Camilla Haight
welcomed son Paxton Ray Haight at 11 a.m.
on January 1 at Yampa Valley Medical Center

Yampa Valley Medical Center’s expanded Family Birth Place is Northwest Colorado’s leading provider of maternity and newborn services. Our highly skilled and diverse team of nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners and physicians provide the kind of family-centered care parents desire -- safe, compassionate and individualized.

It is our goal to help make your childbirth experience every bit as special and memorable as you want it to be.

Click here to watch a video about our Family Birth Place.

We also welcome you to come tour the center any time. Please call ahead to ensure availability of staff: (970) 871-2412.

Patients may pre-register here.

The Family Birth Place care team believes that when a woman and her family are supported and involved in making decisions about their care, they are best equipped to meet the challenges of parenthood. Therefore, we encourage women and their families to actively participate in their labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care.

Learn more about our services and the people who will be caring for you and your family:

Newborns at Altitude. YVMC’s Family Birth Place is part of a research study on how altitude affects newborns. Read more in our Monday Medical column.