Counseling/Mind-Body Therapy

Angela Melzer, LCSW
What is Mind-Body Counseling? 

Yampa Valley Integrated Health follows the philosophy that overall health is directly related to taking care of a whole individual. This includes our physical, emotional, medical, spiritual and nutritional needs. With mind-body counseling we focus on the connection between mental/emotional health and physical health. 

If a body is affected by illness, pain, or imbalance, one’s emotional centers are also affected. If an individual is suffering from a physical change due to illness, surgery or trauma, his or her brain chemistry changes as well. Symptoms of depression, anxiety or irritability may be a direct result of those changes. As it is important to address the illness or trauma to our physical body, it is just as imperative to address how our minds are affected by it as well. 

How is Mind-Body Counseling addressed at Integrated Health? 

Therapy is facilitated by a licensed social worker and includes treatments such as relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness/meditation training, and learning coping skills to help adjust to life changes. 

Challenges we specialize in: 

• Stress reduction skills for everyday life 
• Emotional changes due to head trauma (i.e. stroke, concussions, head injury, brain lesions) 
• Emotional changes due to a diagnosed illness 
• Lifestyle changes after surgery that affect quality of life 
• Emotional burdens that may be affecting the physical body 

What may happen during your treatment: 

The licensed social worker will begin your session with identifying conditions, behaviors and events in your life that you would like to change. You will be asked how you would like things to be different. The therapist will also ask for a history of your medical, emotional and physical past so she can better identify how to help, or where to start. You and your therapist will determine goals and targets you would like to achieve; this will help you note your progress. Your therapist may recommend working with you on a number of different techniques including: 

• Learning new coping skills 
• Meditation 
• Guided relaxation 
• Mindfulness training 
• Cognitive behavioral therapy 
• Education on your illness and how it affects your brain, or vise versa 
• Other mind-body therapies that will assist in your healing journey 

For more information or to schedule a counseling appointment, please call 970-875-2731.