Dr. Will Baker explains how
YVMC's new CT scanner
will help cardiac patients

Cardiology services available at Yampa Valley Medical Center include:

  • Echocardiogram (Echo)
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Exercise Stress Testing Echo
  • Transesophogeal Echo
  • Electrical Cardioversion
  • Nuclear Cardiology including Nuclear Stress Testing and MUGA scanning
  • Coronary Calcium Scoring
  • Holter and Event Monitoring for arrhythmia
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • CT and MRI Vascular Imaging
  • Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Profiling
  • Comprehensive Cholesterol Profiling
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Heart-Healthy, Diabetes and Weight Management Dietary Counseling

William Baker, M.D., FACC, is Medical Director of YVMC's Cardiovascular Services and Cardiac Rehabilitation program. He is one of two cardiologists practicing full-time in Steamboat Springs.

Our Cardiac Rehab program assists individuals who have experienced a cardiac event such as a heart attack or cardiac surgery. The goal of the outpatient program, which is coordinated by Susan Cowan, RN, MN, is to achieve an optimal level of health and fitness through exercise and education.

We utilize a team approach in providing monitored exercise training, education, nutritional counseling, and ongoing follow-up. The program involves three sessions per week over a span of 12 weeks.

The YVMC Cardiac Rehab team works with each patient’s primary care physician throughout the program. With a physician referral, insurance policies and Medicare typically cover 80 percent of the program cost.

Achievable goals in our Cardiac Rehab program include:

  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Healthier eating patterns
  • Increased confidence and sense of well-being
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Knowledge to manage “risk factors” and optimize recovery

For more information about our Cardiac Rehab program, please call Susan Cowan at 970-871-2377.

The medical practice that provides cardiology services at YVMC is: 
    Heart Center of the Rockies 
    William Baker, M.D., FACC, cardiologist 
    Gerald Myers, M.D., FACC, cardiologist