Through applying soft tissue manipulation techniques, massage can have multiple health benefits. These include improved circulation, decreased pain and increased range of motion. More importantly, massage relieves the stress of everyday life and can help with overall health and wellness, preventing disease.

Services Offered:

Neuromuscular therapy: This technique involves locating areas associated with muscle pain and alleviating stress using intense, concentrated pressure on that area. Pain is relieved when blood flow is once again restored to the area. Benefits include increased flexibility, wider range of motion, more balanced posture and increased energy. Neuromuscular massage is used primarily to treat pain of the lower back, neck and arms, repetitive motion injuries, headaches and reported numbness and tingling in the limbs.

Lymphatic Drainage: This technique helps the body’s lymphatic system to flow better. Lymphatic drainage can reduce blockage, which promotes health in the lymphatic system as well as the circulatory, respiratory, muscular and endocrine systems. Therapy can also reduce allergies, colds and susceptibility to other viruses.

Integrative Massage Therapy: This therapy integrates Swedish massage with deep tissue massage and energy work. Techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release are utilized. 


Prenatal Massage: This modality is excellent for expecting mothers, and it uses side-lying positions. It helps relieve stress, muscle aches and joint pain, reduces anxiety and depression, and improves circulation and mobility. It is adapted to avoid areas contraindicated during pregnancy. For more information or to schedule a massage therapy appointment, please call 970-875-2731.

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